Dumbara Cushion Cover


Dumbara cushion cover, hand woven by rural artisans in Sri Lanka using cotton yarn.

Traditional ‘Dumbara’ hand-woven cushion cover, made by rural artisans in Sri Lanka using 100% cotton yarn.

The Dumbara weave is a traditional style of hand weaving that comes from the Dumbaragama Valley in Sri Lanka and was traditionally passed down through families and historically made for royalty and the elite as the craftsmanship was of a high level, taking many weeks to make and expensive to produce. The tradition has survived today and our Dumbara pieces have been in collaboration with Kandygs and skillfully woven by a small group of artisans in the Colombo area of Sri Lanka.


Square Cushion cover – 40cm x 40cm

Care Instructions: 

Wash on 40 degree (or colder)

Tumble dry on low

Iron on low

Do not bleach

Our Commitment
Our textile pieces have all been made with 100% natural fabrics (Cotton, Linen or Bamboo), handloomed by skilled women in Sri Lanka. The skilled women who are involved in weaving and sewing our textiles have good working conditions, are fairly paid and empowered through education and opportunities to have agency over their own lives.


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